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In an effort to provide the best services for his patients, Dr. Arellano has just co-authored a bonding technique that is useful in avoiding crown to restore teeth. Although the article is technical reading, it can be read in the October 2011 issue of Inside Dentistry at http://www.dentalaegis.com/id/2011/10/brush-and-bond-and-secure-adhesive-system. Advertisements

Want to avoid restoring teeth with crowns?

The answer is Biomimetic Dentistry. Dr. Arellano is attending this important dental conference in Marina del Rey, CA from September 15-17 to further help his patients avoid full crowns when restoring weakened or decayed teeth and still keep the teeth strong and well sealed from bacterial leakage in the future. http://toothconservingdentistry.com/p-about_bd.html

Gold level certification from the Green Business Bureau

Click here to see what it took for Dr. Arellano to attain Gold level certification from the Green Business Bureau, a national company that fosters environmental awareness among businesses and promotes business practices that are environmentally responsible.A member since May 2010, Dr. Arellano is recognized for his contribution to making the environment a healthier place … Continue reading

Dr. Arellano in Parkell Today

Dr. Arellano recently co-authored an article published in the June 2011 issue of Parkell Today, a publication of Parkell, Inc., a company devoted to “Solutions for the problem-solving Dental Professional since 1948.” The article describes a method of placing large fillings as an alternative to crowns. Dr. Arellano is proud to offer his experience and … Continue reading