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Team Building

On Saturday, we gathered to re-connect not only as a team who respect each other as professionals, but who also consider each other as friends.  We took the time to enjoy each other’s company and to share the moment with our loved ones.  I am fortunate and honored to have those who have been such long-term team members and friends.  I have worked with Kathie since 1980 when I was still a dental hygienist.  At that time she was practically my “boss” till I transitioned out of that practice in 1986 to finally work full-time at my own dental office which I had opened in 1984.  Before leaving that practice, Debbie was hired on, and so I worked with Debbie since about the mid-80’s till she came back to work for me some years later too.  Mei has been my first official “employee” since 1984 when I first opened my own dental office.  Alicia has been my main dental assistant for the past 7 years, and has earned the respect of her team members and our patients.

And although they are no longer working for us, I’d like to mention Virginia who many of you enjoyed as one of our dental hygienists for many years and who had to cut back her work days due to an unresolved hand problem; Arwa who I worked with literally side-by-side for 3 years till her 2-year commute after moving to Moraga became too burdensome; and Suzan who although left us about a year ago due to a move to Marin County and who was replaced by Cynthia, is recently back to temporarily help us out with Virginia’s previously full schedule of appointments.

As 2012 begins my 28th year in dental practice, you may be noticing some new people in our office as we search for new team members who can carry on the same quality and personal service that you all have come to expect.  Thank you all, my patients and team, for the many years of loyalty and friendships.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Leo Arellano



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